Earlier tonight I watched a bevy of fireworks being launched from a barge on the Mississippi. Fireworks from the 23th floor of a building are only marginally more interesting than watching them from the ground.

I have no clue, whatsoever, why fireworks were being launched from the river, though I suspect it had something to due with Episode II's impending release later in the evening. Indeed, the first showing in USA central daylight time is currently in progress; has been for 36 minutes (as of this writing).

After how badly Episode I sucked, why make such a big deal about Episode II? Me, I'm clinging to the philosophy that if I expect no good to come of anything, then I'll be pleasantly surprised when something good does happen.

I do not, however, expect to be pleasantly surprised by Episode II. Nevertheless, a copy of Episode II on VCD is currently getting burned onto a CD-R in the CD-RW drive on my Windows box. So much for anticipation.