OK, today was just unnecessarily BAD.

Work ended at around 5:30am, at which time I took an Ambien and headed for the futon, fully expecting to be totally knocked out for the next 8 hours. But no, about two hours later my ceiling starts leaking. It starts leaking directly onto the top of the fridge, presumably caused by a similar problem in the apartment above mine. The water flow filled two five-gallon buckets with rust-colored water before it finally tapered off. The whole thing was of course accompanied by the attendant apartment workers tinkering with this and that.

Finally they declare the problem solved and depart. Great, I figure, now I can stop acting like such a weirdo due to my Ambien stupor, and go back to sleep. Wrong. UPS knocks on my door about half an hour later with a package from Annalisa, which was, apart from talking to her on the phone, the only bright spot of the day. The package contained a pair of Lip Service pinstripe trousers, which I will wear to our dinner date Friday evening.

If you'd think that was enough... no. At exactly 12:00am, shortly after I witnessed the blessed Detroit Red Wings win their tenth Stanley Cup, BellSouth shuts off my ADSL service because my payment is three days late. This means that I have to get dressed, drive to the office, and actually do work for the next five hours. Normally this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't need to stop by the office during normal business hours tomorrow to pick up a paycheck advance, go cash it, and then drive out to New Orleans International Airport to pick up Annalisa. All of this, as you can surely imagine, doesn't leave any room for sleep. I don't mind this as much as I normally would, however, because I won't be sleeping due to the fact that Annalisa and I will be together, and when that happens, things like sleep and food become unimportant. (The connection is there -- like a cluster of OC1024s, or even OC4096s, even though such things don't exist yet. You get the gist, I hope.)

I really, extremely, desperately do not want to be at work right now.

And goddamnit, I left my cigarettes at home. I think leaving a few hours early is in order tonight.