I've found that cheap beer isn't so bad, after all.

Yesterday morning at the grocery store, standing in the beer aisle, I noted that my normal favourite beer/ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, costs about $8.00 for a six pack. A little further down the aisle, toward the end where only a few varieties are stored but plenty of space is reserved to make sure there are a lot of packages of those few varieties, I noticed that a 12 pack of Bud Ice is also $8.00. And so, I threw caution into the wind, and decided that since the results of consuming six or 12 bottles of, indeed, any given brand of beer, were probably going to be very similar, that I would get the 12 pack of Bud Ice. Color me BADD.

Oh, and before I forget. My 26th birthday is on August 4, so I'm having a little party of sorts on Saturday night, August 3, starting at around 9:00, I think. If you can read this, and you're in or will be in the New Orleans area that night, you're invited. I hope to see you there. /msg me for directions to my place.

Added bonus: If you can make it, you'll get to meet me and my sweetie girlfriend (who'll be in town as well) and consume adult beverages with reckless abandon, if that's you're thing.