O, Indecision.

I've possibly found a way out of New Orleans, but it involves something I wanted to avoid at all costs: I'd have to stay with my parents for a few months. In rural Tennessee. I'm going to ask my boss if I can work remotely (I'm remotely workin'! har har har), which shouldn't be a problem. While I'm staying with my parents I'd work at night and try to find a local tech job during the day.

If I do end up doing this, I'll be doing it before the middle of February.

Even though staying with my parents would for a few months would save me a lot of money, I really don't like Tennessee much and I can't really see myself happier there than I am here (read: not happy at all).

But, it would be closer to people I enjoy seeing (and I'd be able to make it to HOT DAMN 3!), and I would be able to avoid Mardi Gras entirely for ever and ever, amen, and the only money I'd need to spend would be on my car payments and insurance. Even so, I am hesitant.

I will do it if I can get the boss' approval to work remotely. If nothing else, I can finally get the hell out of New Orleans, which can only be a good thing.