One year ago today I created my account on E2.

I had first discovered the site a number of weeks before, in early January 2002, when it was linked from Neil Schwartzman's site about the résumé spammer, Bernard Shifman. Thanks are due to Jet-Poop, who wrote the e2node on him, which ended up being the first e2node I'd ever read.

As I started noding and learning how to node (does anyone actually learn how to node before they start noding? I'd be surprised), I came to realize what a truly wonderful and incapacitatingly comprehensive this place is. It amazed me that the site had been around for years prior to my discovery of it, even though I've been a regular slashdot reader since 1997.

I wouldn't have got far without the help of the following noders: Xamot, who first /msg'd me with helpful words of editorial wisdom; TheBooBooKitty, who gave me first node audit; and all those who had come and gone before me, most notably sensei, whose wisdom seems to permiate the nodegel and those sloughing through it to this day; Hermetic, who wrote the best damn daylogs I've ever read; more recently ephealy, with whom I shared a /msg or two about one of his writeups; and then the sort of on-again/off-again noders that seem to have fled but come back now and then for whatever reason: moJoe, one of the best of e2humor; Saige was an early inspiration to me, as was Magenta; The Alchemist for presenting me with my first C!; and to dannye for his letter case pedantry, which I share but sometimes I lose the plot.

There is also an E2 out there in the world, fully functional, as I have been fortunate enough to see and interact with. Therefore, I must heartily give my thanks to the following noders: Templeton, discofever, sauth, strange fruit, WonkoDSane, radlab0, and tandex. They seem to be the core of my E2-outside-of-E2 noders. Filling the Other Users nodelet would be the others I've met and enjoyed being around. They include: BAR, Bitca, Caitiff, Chris-O, Cow Of Doom, dann, disgruntledwren, divalessor, enth, gwenllian, Iconoplast, jessicapierce, jethro_bodine, karmaflux, LadySun, Metacognizant, Phyllis Stein, pitcher, provocateur, sighmoan, Spackle, Strong_Bow79, thefez, Walter, witchiepoo, Xeerjat, and zade.

Everyone else... well, without everyone else there wouldn't be much here, I suspect.

Whatever the case, I want to say the following unto you:

I love you all!

Honestly, it's true. Even when you're annoying me in the catbox. Or going on about GIANT SQUID AND KNIFE FIGHT MONKEY 2004, or about the whole furry thing, which I have thus far completely failed to understand at all.

So, yes. My first year here is naught but memories now, and whatever nodes I didn't have nuked. Whatever the case...

...I thank you all.