Domo-kun has recently taken part in an extremely popular, yet thankfully transient internet meme.

As everyone has no doubt already seen, a pair of Domo-kuns are lumbering after a sprinting kitten on a sun-soaked grass lawn, in a widely distributed picture. The caption at the bottom reads "Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens." Most likely, this was forwarded to you by a cow-orker that doesn't realize that 99.9% of email forwards are a complete waste of time, and that didn't bother to remove the previous 25 generations of forwarding headers from the email before sending it to you.

Despite this tarnishment of Domo-kun's reputation, he remains relatively obscure in most areas outside of Japan because nobody has a clue that the fuzzy, mouthed brick in the "kittens" picture is, in fact, a character on a strange children's television show.

asterphage says the "Domo chasing kitty" image was made for, a site devoted to that kitten, and was stolen for the masturbation image.

anotherone says re domo-kun: The small black rectangle part is by a guy named PsychoticPenguin. The other part, with the domo-kun was originally posted by "Cyberblood" in a Something Awful photoshop thread.