Another month arrives, and Annalisa and I just finished our monthly visit. This time she came down to New Orleans and stayed with me for six days.

I really didn't want her to go back to Birmingham, but that's just me being selfish and wanting her all to myself despite existing her life in Birmingham. But given the nature of our relationship, I think such selfishness is permitted.

Sunday was my birthday, and the fact that she was here for it really made it a great day, which is good, given how shitty some of my previous birthdays have been. She gave me some birthday loot:

Other loot from various people:

Apart from the birthday, the rest of the week was spent going out to eat, watching movies, cuddling, having sex, taking baths, working (ugh), sleeping, and going out a couple of times. If this is any indication of how life with Annalisa is going to be once we live in the same city, I cannot wait to move.

Happiness is right ahead. :)