Today is my 26th birthday. That seems unbearably old to me, but I guess it doesn't really matter since it's just a statistic.

My girlfriend Annalisa is in town for the occasion, and in a few minutes we'll be off to Juan's Flying Burrito for some Mexican food and punk rock.

Annalisa gave me the coolest birthday present yesterday -- a Lego rendering of the Lego figure on the cover of Douglas Coupland's Microserfs, which is sitting on my desk right now, seemingly watching me as my fingers hover over my inane Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, seeking out the keys to type this.

People with whom I share a birthday: actor/sex addict Billy Bob Thornton, New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens, gothic author Percy Bysshe Shelley, actor Richard Belzer, jazz vocalist Louis Armstrong, Montréal Canadiens hall-of-famer Maurice "The Rocket" Richard, NASCAR person Jeff Gordon, British entertainer Harry Lauder, and the recently departed Queen Mum.

Oolong says re August 4, 2002: Hey, happy birthday...
LaylaLeigh says we have the same birthday! Happy Birthday! *high fives you*
C-Dawg says re August 4, 2002: Happy birthday, youngster!
LaggedyAnne says happy birthday to you!
Lometa says re August 4, 2002: *balloons* Happy Birthday avalyn!
hookskies says hey there, just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Cheers
sighmoan says (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU HOSER!!! :)
Wuukiee says re August 4, 2002: happy birthday from one leo to another. ;)

Thank you all!