I may have held forth on the following theme several times before, so forgive me that I cannot help myself.

I really, really cannot wait until The Two Towers is released on December 18. Since The Fellowship of the Ring was released on DVD earlier this month, I've had only the 10-minute preview of The Two Towers and various articles written about it to satiate me, and it's not nearly enough. I realize that it would not be a financially sound thing to do to release all three movies, FOTR, The Two Towers and The Return of the King, at the same time or even in the same year, however I am still quite dismayed that the three movies weren't released like the Star Wars Special Edition trilogy was released in 1997 -- release each movie on successive Fridays in the same month. I am so taken with FOTR that I've watched it probably 20 times since I downloaded an advance copy of it in DivX format sometime in July, which then turned into regular viewings of the DVD, of which I own both the fullscreen and the widescreen versions. (Yes, I am a completist geek.)

It took me six months to read the books. I'm reading The Silmarillion (LOTR's predecessor) right now and I intend to read LOTR again before the end of the year. (Or at least start reading it again.) There's too much to take in all in one go, neverminding the fact that I'll probably never get tired of reading it.

When the FOTR extended edition DVD set is released on November 11, I'll no doubt get it the day it comes out and watch it incessantly, not minding at all that the final cut of the extended edition is approximately 220 minutes long.

I've gone through the IMDB's entries for the three movies and made corrections to the bloody spellings of the character names, submitted goofs from FOTR, and added bits of previously unincluded trivia I picked up from my many repeated viewings.

There's still 109 days until The Two Towers is released. Don't even get my started about having to wait another year after that for The Return of the King.

I wonder if there's a 12-step program for addicted Tolkien geeks.