I'm staying up late this morning, so I may as well node what's happening on such a fine spring day.

I went outside a little earlier (which is something I don't do often during the day, because I work overnight and sleep all day), and I was once again reminded why I love living in New Orleans. I only walked around the block, as I am sometimes wont to do before bed (which is coming up in a few minutes), and was inundated by the olfactory assailants of spring: growing grass, palm trees, willow trees, moist dirt, and a thousand year-round gardens. Spring is my favourite time of year, particularly when I experience it in New Orleans. Uptown, it smells so fresh it's almost overpowering, but it's not yet fetid like it will be in a few months, once summer arrives and the air starts smelling like Crisco for some reason.

Thanks to Yo La Tengo and my copy of And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out, I've been listening repeatedly to Our Way To Fall and crying about it not because I'm lonely, but because I miss intimacy. I guess. I know I'm not lonely -- six months living alone and I'm not sick of it yet -- but I'm a sucker for love songs. Particularly when they're played by Yo La Tengo.

I have an appointment with my psychotherapist tomorrow morning, and up until about 10 minutes ago I had no idea where her new office was. (She moved about two weeks ago, two weeks after my last appointment.) Supposedly she was going to send me a notification by mail of her new address, but if she did, I never received it. Thank "Bob" for 411, lest I would've had to skip the appointment altogether and had one less chance to badger her about finally writing that letter of approval to my endocrinologist. My endoc needs her approval before putting me on a "real" hormone replacement therapy regimen, and I've been bugging my therapist about such a letter for two months, amid her promises that she's working on it. As a result, my endoc has only perscribed me 1mg of DES, which is weak at best, and 10mg of Provera, which is helpful but it's not all I need. Ideally, I'd have persriptions for spironolactone, estradiol and Provera together. I'm getting a little sick of DES's weaknesses. Supposedly, it's a testosterone suppressor, but I'm beginning to doubt that since the only adverse effect it has on my testosterone levels is my lack of a sex drive, which could easily be caused by the 40mg of Paxil I also take, for all I know. If I can't get a letter out of her tomorrow morning, I'll have to switch endocs. That's not a major problem (yet) -- I know an endoc who's a trannygirl herself, and would surely sympathise with my plight.

Oh, before I submit this entry, check out Dead Inside and then go by the CD.