Well, well, well.

Last night I had the pleasure of getting drunk with a few E2 noders, not only because getting drunk is a staggeringly popular thing to do in this manusquire, particularly, but because there are actually other noders living here! Who would have thought? That said, I must bequeath mad props unto Templeton, strange fruit and discofever. The four of us, plus one non-noder, converged upon Templeton's place in the Faubourg Marigny, to eat, drink, and be merry. Most of the talk revolved around the beloved E2, of course, which often was a constant source of consternation to my non-noder friend, Cris.

strange fruit was kind enough to invent new pronunciations for our E2 names: Templeton is "Tem'plee'ten," discofever is "disk'off'äver," and I am "avva'leen". Webster 1913 look out!

After such a fun outing, I'm forced to conclude the following:

Noders are people, too!

I might even go so far as to exclaim:

EVERYTHING2 IS PEOPLE! EVERYTHING2 IS PEOPLE!!! You've got to warn them! Soon they'll be rounding us up like cattle! (Er... uh... Sorry, I got a bit carried away there.)

Note to self: Buy Templeton a pack or two of Sampoerna Milds as pennance for my bumming so many from her the other night. :)