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Hi there, my name is Marc, I'm thirty-ish, I do things with computers for a living (mainly server and database administration, with a bit of development), I live in Krefeld, Germany, a city near Düsseldorf.

My talents: driving people crazy; using something like free association to solve problems; coming up with and argueing for a different point-of-view, especially when it's not my own.

My vices: I'm a drug user. Oddly enough, the only substance I'm addicted to, is legal in Germany and in most parts of the world. I often prefer a screen of some sort to human companionship. Ich bin die Randgruppe. (which seems to say: I'm on the fringe).

Fräulein was my first node and writeup.
For Casablanca, I added a factoid about the 1952 release in Germany.
Preparing the next node poor translations of movie titles, (in work) I felt the need to express some of my thoughts about dubbing.
I had to get rid of some frustration, so I collected a few tidbits about the originality of Microsoft product design.
I'm preparing a writeup for Why I love Linux. (in work)
I added a bit on dutch hash bars to coffee shop.
I stumbled across some non-smoking propaganda and added the node Nicotine might not be the most harmful ingredient of tobacco.
After seeing the re-release of A Hard Day's Night in a sneak preview, I added a wu to that node and created a new node for the buzzword digitally remastered.
People who use grep -v grep should read my wu there. Actually, it might help, but it's more of an in-joke for me alone.
My first round of looking through Zappa nodes produced wus on Does Humor Belong In Music? and Zoot Allures, as well as the node Tinsel Town Rebellion. I got some punishment for not doing the last one good enough and have tried to improve on it.
Piccolo Mouso is a small retro-flash back to good, old C64 times.
I found an empty nodeshell for The Million Dollar Hotel and filled it with some life.
Back to teaching the world German, I explained the use of the word Locus and wrote up Zappa's idea that God talks German when it's heavy business.
I added some quotes and comments on Zappa's The Dangerous Kitchen, Trouble Every Day, Hot-Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel and Whippin' Post.
I've done three nodes on AOL: AOL member, Could AOL phone home? and AOL V4.0 Cookie.
I fleshed out an empty nodeshell, crap TV you watch anyway. I hope that wasn't too GTKM.
My 25th writeup was going to be something special: Stop using sexual activities as swear words!
I noded the art of making bad pictures with worse cameras: lomography

If you're lucky, you can see me testing my next writeup below this:


The following is a nuked writeup for swear words from science fiction. It now waits for someone to adopt it.

From J. Michael Straczynski's space opera TV series Babylon 5, I present the Centauri sound of scorn and despite: "Fah!", mostly used as a prelude to a statement specifying the target or the reason, as shown in the example from A Voice in the Wilderness:

Susan Ivanova: "Ambassador, do you really want to know what's going on down there right now?"
Londo Mollari: "Yes. Absolutely."
Susan Ivanova: "Boom. Boom boom boom. Boom boom. Boom! Have a nice day."
Londo Mollari: "Fah! You can never get a straight answer from anyone around here."