Mechanics is, like Webster 1913 defines, the Science of Body Movements in Space and Time.
But how to get along with them in School, University or Work?

Of course, you can carry a Formulary with you all the time. Then, by another way of Murphy's Law, you'll always forget it when you really need it. Never mind, all you need is already there. The solution for a Mechanical Problem can be found by performing the following Steps:

  1. Collect all Informations you've got about the Problem, like Mass, Speed, Energy, etc.
  2. Read the Question properly, if there is one; if not, ask yourself what you want to find out.
  3. Look at the Measure Units of the Informations available and the value your Solution should present, like Mass (kg), Speed (km/h, mp/h, m/sec), Time (h, min, sec), Force (N=kg*m/sec^2), Energy (Nm=kg*m^2/sec^2) and so on. Did you notice that every of those Units already represents a Formula?
  4. Now all you got to do is find out how the Informations already given have to fit into that Formula.
  5. Fill in the Informations and use your Mathematic Skills to solve the Equation.

Problem solved.