Tome and Blood, by Bruce R. Cordell and Skip Williams, is a Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition accesory for the wizard and sorceror classes. It was released in July 2001, and retails for 19.95 USD.

The beginning chapter recommends paths to making an interesting wizard/sorceror. It gives tips on interesting class combinations and ways of defining your character in a role-playing enviroment. It also gives suggested familiars for Small and Large magic-users.

The book also adds some new feats, magic-user equipment, magic items, spells, and prestige classes to the game.

The new prestige classes are:
  • Acolyte of the Skin - A magic-user that replaces his skin with that of a demon's.
  • Alienist - A magic-user that familiarizes himself with outsider/pseudonatural creatures and tries to familiarize himself with them.
  • Arcane Trickster - A magic-user that specializes in thieving and sneakiness.
  • Bladesinger - An elf that blends the art of swordfighting delicately with magic.
  • Blood Magus - A magic-user that has been brought back from the dead that has learned the secret power of the blood.
  • Candle Caster - A magic-user that specializes in the creation of magical candles, much akin to making scrolls.
  • Dragon Disciple - A sorceror who slowly learns of his draconic heritage.
  • Elemental Savant - A magic-user that specializes in one of the main elements: fire, earth, water, or air.
  • Fatespinner- A magic-user that works in luck and fortunes.
  • Mage of the Arcane Order - A magic-user that garners many benefits from being part of a guild.
  • Mindbender - A magic-user that begins specializing in magic of a more psionic nature.
  • Pale Master - A magic-user that becomes more and more like the dead creatures that he controls.
  • Spellsword - A magic-user that learns to cast spells through his weapon.
  • True Necromancer - A magic-user that takes the long route to becoming a ruler of the dead.
  • Wayfarer Guide - A magic-user that specializes in the art of teleportation.
The book also has a web enhancement located at that gives two add-ons for the book. It includes a pdf file that lists all the sorceror/wizard spells from the Player's Guide and Tome and Blood, it also has a sample wizard spellbook, and an modification of the Bladesinger prestige class. The second file, also a pdf file, is a nice listing of a spell sheet for sorcerors/wizards to use.

At the moment I'm pondering whether I should add what feats were in the book as well.
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