Ladyhawke is a fantasy movie directed by Richard Donner that was released in 1985. The story that it is based upon was written by Edward Khmara, and the script was also written by him, Michael Thomas, Tom Mankiewicz, and David Webb Peoples. The movie stars Matthew Broderick before Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but after Wargames. It also stars the attractive Michelle Pfeiffer in the title role, and Rutger Hauer as her lover.

Ladyhawke is the story of Phillipe Gaston, nicknamed The Mouse, as he escapes from the dungeon of Aquila. This wouldn't have brought much of anyone's attention, except that he is the first person to ever escape. As he brags about his escape, he is found by the castle's guards and promptly rescued by a warrior, Ex-Captain Etienne Navarre. Navarre slowly explains that he wants The Mouse to lead him into the castle, because he has a matter to settle with the Bishop.

The Mouse finds out that Navarre wishes revenge and release from the curse that the Bishop placed on him and his love, Isabeau Dante. During the day, Isabeau takes the form of hawk while Navarre is human, and at night Navarre becomes a wolf and Isabeau becomes human. They are cursed to stay that way, always being together but always apart, until the time when day becomes night.

This movie is one of my favorite fantasy films of all time. It has its own small flaws, but it stands up rather well.

Matthew Broderick - Phillipe Gaston, The Mouse
Rutger Hauer - Captain Etienne Navarre
Michelle Pfeiffer - Isabeau Dante
Leo McKern - Imperius the Monk
John Wood - Bishop
Ken Hutchison - Marquet
Alfred Molina - Cezar
Giancarlo Prete - Fornac
Loris Loddi - Jehan
Alessandro Serra - Mr. Pitou
Charles Borromel - Insane Prisoner
Massimo Sarchielli - Innkeeper
Nicolina Papetti - Mrs. Pitou
Russell Kase - Lieutenant
Don Hudson - Guard on Cart
Gregory Snegoff - Cart Driver
Gaetano Russo - Guard in the Cell
Rod Dana - Guard at the City Gate
Stefano Horowitzo - Bishop's Bodyguard
Paul Tuerpe - Guard
Venantino Venantini - Bishop's Secretary
Marcus Beresford - Acolyte
Valerie O'Brian - Peasant Girl
NanĂ  Cecchi - Bishop's Woman
Elettra Baldassarri - (uncredited)
Jurgen Morhofer - (uncredited)
DVD Details:

Running Time: 121 minutes. PG-13

Special Features:
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Production Notes
Technical Features:
This DVD really doesn't use much of its capability, and has almost no special features to speak of. I don't recommend buying this for more than 10 USD.

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