"Good morning, Earth. You're on the Global Frequency."

Global Frequency is a twelve issue science fiction comic series created and written by Warren Ellis, and illustrated by a different artist every issue. It has been drawn by Gary Leach, and will also be illustrated by Glenn Fabry, Steve Dillon, Roy Allan Martinez, John J. Muth, and David Lloyd. The covers are done by Brian Wood. The series began in October 2002, and is released by Wildstorm/DC Comics.

The Global Frequency is an open conspiracy group. Created and run by the enigma Miranda Zero, they go around cleaning up end-of-the-world problems for the governments. They have a thousand and one agents around the world, each with their own special uses. Anyone could be an agent: your neighbor, your loved one, or your best friend. At anytime they could be called through their special cellphone, and dash out pulling on their Global Frequency badge or jacket.

From the description one might think of Warren Ellis's series Planetary. From my reading it has a similar concept, but we shall see how close it is after a few more issues come out. Also, like the first few issues of Planetary, Global Frequency is supposed to be a stand-alone series. This means that each issue will have enough merit to be picked up and read by itself and still be enjoyable.

Issue List:
  1. Bombhead
  2. Invasive
  3. Big Wheel
  4. Hundred
  5. Big Sky
"Are you on the Global Frequency?"

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