Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad was, like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, a sentai (i.e. "super team") series that was pretty much a toy commercial. Like the MMPR TV series, the SSSS show was created by taking the action sequences from a Japanese series (Gridman, in this case) and working them into the plot of a new, more Americanized show.

The main villain was "Kilokhan", a black-caped, masked figure known as the "Overload Overlord", along with various other technobabble appellations. Much like Power Rangers' villains, Kilokhan would send out a monster every episode that the SSSS would have to fight. These monsters were more in the vein of Godzilla or Ultraman rubber suits than MMPR's more cartoonish enemies, though.

I don't remember too much about the show, but my collection of toy robots includes a couple of SSSS items, and there's a bit of information about the series and characters that I can get off the boxes.

A key concept of the show was Samurization, which has nothing to do with samurai, but in fact is just a made-up word used to describe the toys' transformation and combination gimmick, as used in the show. The toy packages used as a slogan a phrase which I find absolutely hilarious; "Samurized for your protection!"

Matthew Lawrence's character, who samurized into Servo, was named Sam Collins.
His band consisted of "Tanker", "Syd", and "Amp", who samurized into Borr, "The Bionic Bulldozer" (called a bulldozer despite the fact that it had two big drills on the front), Tracto, "The Terminal-trampling Tank", and Vitor, "The Aerial Assault Scout Craft". The three vehicles samurized into the robot Zenon, which samurized with Servo to form the robot Synchro.
Servo could also samurize with Drago, a robotic dragon, to form the robot Phormo. Drago in turn was formed from two jets named Jamb and Torb, which also were samurized from the band members.