Released on SpongeBob SquarePants Original Theme Highlights, Pre-Hibernation was written by Darrell Abbott and Vinne Paul Abbott, and performed by Pantera, which consists of them plus Rex Brown and Philip Anselmo. It's an instrumental, and is typical Pantera, loud, heavy and catchy.

It doesn't seem a good match for SpongeBob, but it fit well into the episode "Pre-Hibernation Week", where parts of it were played several times over "extreme sports"-themed segments. The episode was about Sandy Cheeks' angst over the prospect of hibernating all winter (because she is a squirrel) and not seeing her friends (especially SpongeBob) for months. She resorted to measures that bordered on the insane to make her last week of wakefulness as fun as possible, and dregged SpongeBob along with her. The Pantera song goes quite well with the mood of the segments it went with, which generally focused on Spongebob's terror at Sandy's activities, such a hurtling down underwater mountains and generally being brought places by her at high speeds.

The version on the album starts with a clip of SpongeBob(Tom Kenny) and Patrick(Bill Fagerbakke) shouting "Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing!", which has nothing to do with the song or the episode it's from.
Length: 1:29