Too many people say "I love you" when they mean "I like you."

There was nothing I was more tired of than myself.
I tried to sit in the back of class.
She sat next to me.

Especially between two friends, where romantic attraction is a possiblity, both people should know that nothing they say is meaningless. Too often one of them is oblivious to the other's shimmering gaze.

When we first met she said I was amazing.
We fell asleep talking on the phone.
She'd whisper I love you

There are two possible results of saying "I love you" when you mean "I like you:"

  • At best: the meaning of "three most beautiful words in the whole universe" is cheapened.
  • At worse: someone's heart breaks.
  • I brought her a white rose and left it on her desk.
    She had forgotten what that meant.
    I knew she'd throw it out.

    Believe me, I know this from personal experience.

    I told myself I was righteous and angry.
    I kept the flower on my desk.
    Water wouldn't help it.