As the recent development of my addiction to Everything and its many allures has coincided almost perfectly with finals week this quarter, this question has become quite pressing. In fact, as the fateful deadline approaches when I must answer for 45 percent of my grade in a 30 minute oral final, I am becoming desperate. However, I think I have discovered the answer, thank God:

Node your study questions.

Yes, it's as simple as that. In the midst of some hardcore procrastination as well as hardcore nodeblock, I sought inspiration amongst the guidance of the aged. I found Node your homework. My solution is a relatively straightforward spinoff of this concept. Instead of simply studying, I have began noding some of the most important principles of the literature, philosophy and history I have to know for final exams. Every time I run across something in my notes I don't completely understand, I start work on a node for it until my understanding is complete.

The benefits of this theory are numerous and juicy. Concern for my academic ass prompts me to be (at least relatively) conscientious and thorough in my writeups, resulting in higher quality: Good for Everything. Good writeups (at least generally) result in more XP: good for me. High quality nodes with relevant information makes studying finals for other users easier and less time-consuming: good for everybody else.

I think I need to change my jeans.