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Wild FM is an [Australia]n ([Sydney]) [radio station] which used to play real good [techno] tunes in the good old days. Right now I have sadly [migrate]d to [Britain] to become a [pommie] bastard -- So I don't know how they are going.

I do however know that they played out on a [trial] radio frequency ([89.7 fm] -- Would you believe there was already a [nodeshell] there?), and were gathering signatures on a [petition] in order to get a permanent radio licence. Last I heard they had some [huge] amount of votes, and were rumoured to be coming back in a few months...

I hope they got their permanent station -- their music was the best I've ever heard on [Australia]n [radio] (and dont get me started on the [quality] of [radio] here in [pommie land])