Nathan Wiley is an up and coming Canadian singer-songwriter from Summerside, PEI. He has already won Definitely Not The Opera's Big Break contest and was nominated for CBC's Canadian Music Dreams contest. His music is a combination of blues and folk. Many reviews compare him to Tom Waits, a comparison which is certainly deserved.

Currently signed to Sonic Records, he has one album out, titled Bottom Dollar Baby. He has two hits currently, the title track has been featured on MuchMoreMusic (a sister station to MuchMusic, which is similar to MTV). Black Bones, a second hit song from the same album, was featured on Alexander Keith's progressive music disc (promoting eastern talent).

asofel recommends that you acquire a copy of the album (which can be ordered from his official website) and prepare yourself for many hours of listening pleasure. Unfortunately I missed him on his last tour with Sarah Slean (which ended December 4, 2002), but hopefully I'll catch him next time he's in the area.

Official Website: