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(I suppose, having actually written a couple of things here, I might as well fill this in now.)

A brief bio: There wasn't a person. Then his parents did some things, and there was a person. He spent several years being told who he was, a few more not listening, then some more knowing who he was, and the next few finding out who he was. At the moment he isn't sure, but he has a few salient details. To wit, and in alphabetic order: Atheist (or maybe agnostic?), gay (or not. Or somewhere in between.), geek, generally disagreeable bastard (unless drunk), half-assed programmer (and out of practice), lazy. Updates as events warrant.

Within e2, I wandered in, lurked for a while reading things, then actually made an account, waited a month or two before I felt up to actually writing something, posted a node, saw it decently well-received, and ran out of ideas. Then played around with a few others before coming up with what might be a decent node. Having only two so far, I feel I can mention them one by one. Maybe I'll have more later. Who knows?

(Work in progress. I'll throw in links and such as I think of them.)