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  • Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam - 7:20
  • A bath is a chance to escape to another world. To relax and soak away the worries of the day. A shower may be invigorating, but a bath should be calming. It should also be fun!

  • Serge Gainsbourg / Howie B - Ballade de Melody Nelson - 7:06
  • You must not have to worry about being disturbed. A proper bath takes time and you can never know how long each will be. Who can say what important games you will need to play, or how long your daydreams may last. For this reason, I like to bathe at night. This is why tonight's begins at midnight.

  • Aim - Good Disease - 4:23
  • "Make it blue!", she urged me. "I promise you won't become a smurf" I had to trust her.

    drip, drip, drop

    How wonderful to have a coloured bath! I do urge you to try it, if only to watch the drops of food colouring spread through the water.

  • Cannibal Ox - The F Word (Rjd2 remix) - 2:13
  • Bubbles are also good and even better with colour too. You can part the bubbles to see the colours of the water below, like a seal's air holes in the arctic ice. The bubbles themselves take on the palest colour.

  • Statik Sound System - Hazey Funk - 5:10
  • The best bubble bath comes in crumbly cakes from Lush. I will admit, however, that I often forgo both bubbles and colour, in order to fully appreciate the most wonderful bath treat, also from Lush: the bath ballistic. Like a giant Alka Seltzer for your bath, the size of a tennis ball. It fizzes around the tub releasing luscious smells and goodies such as flower petals, slices of fruit, even glitter and streamers.

  • Röyksopp - Poor Leno - 3:57
  • You must also blow bubbles in the bath some time. Slip back and blow them up into the air. Watch them dancing in the thermals. Race them against each other. Will they reach the ceiling?
    Watch them
                       bounce twice

  • Nightmares on Wax - Thinking of Omara - 5:34
  • Some baths are best in silence, it is true, but the right music makes the best better. Like the bath itself, I prefer tunes that are relaxing, fun or just pretty. Music that takes me on imaginary journeys to far off lands are even better, for bathtime is a perfect time to let your mind wander.

  • Frou Frou - Hear Me Out - 4:19
  • Singing is good too! Just make sure you don't sing too loud in the middle of the night. A friend sent me two mix CDs recently. This track is off one of them and is a current favourite for me to sing along to.

  • Patsy Gallant - It'll All Come Around - 4:25
  • The danger of a wandering mind in the bath, especially one fuelled by interesting reading matter, is that a sudden burst of inspiration will cause you to want to jump out of the bath. Or is this just me? Anyhow, this urge should be resisted! Don't cut your bath short. Let your idea develop. Maybe a little pencil and pad would be helpful to write the escaping thoughts down and trap them for later.

  • Talvin Singh - Butterfly - 4:26
  • Sometimes, particularly at night, I may drift off to sleep while lying back in the bath. I wonder if one day I'll slip right under the water and drift away for good? Who can tell how long these little sleeps are. Hard to say, because time should not be on your mind when bathing.

  • Miles Davis - Concierto De Aranjuez (Pt. 2) - 3:33
  • My hair is usually kept fuzzy-short. While it is fun to run fingers across the wet stubble, making it spray a fine mist that falls back onto my face, long hair comes into its own in the bath. With my hair a little longer now, I can enjoy the feeling of submerging my head and letting my hair drift in the currents.

  • Gotan Project - Epoca - 4:28
  • The bath will be getting cold by now. Before getting out, I like to warm it up. Feel the hot water spreading around you and close your eyes. Imagine you are in a hot country with the bright sun shining down on you.

  • Caetano Veloso - O Leãozinho - 3:06
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