9th-11th August 2002, Bristol, UK



Everyone who has confirmed they are coming has been added to it. if you want on it, ask a god. If you want to be in bold to say you're coming, /msg ascorbic.


Once upon a lunchtime, ascorbic, wertperch and BlueDragon were supping on a few pints down the pub and a plan was hatched. The city of Bristol had never been the venue for a nodermeet, being a little short on noders. This oversight had to be fixed. The plan gestated slowly during the following months, until shortly after the Notters shenanigans, when ascorbic posted a "tentative and speculative" notice on his homenode. The /msgs of interested started arriving. One of the first of these was from bexxta, and it seemed her plan to travel from across the globe inspired others to follow suit. Quite soon there were more offers from outside the UK than from within, so a quick rebranding was performed.

Noders of the world unite! Break out the monkeys, booze and the fuck off bag of skunk, for it's NODERMEET TIME! This time ascorbic has made the foolish decision to offer his hospitality for the event, and the whole world's invited! So break open that piggy bank and buy that plane ticket, and come to the biggest pile of kittens yet.

ascorbic productions
in association with
The wertcoalition
presents for the first time,
The Bristol International Noder Meet!

Now, when I first began developing my idea of an international noder meet, the whole point was to have it a little closer to home. However, I suppose the land of tea, scones, and kick ass music isnt the worst place in the world to hold the meet... So... When should I expect my noder-limo to pick me up and escort me to the awaiting complimentary private jet? hmmm???! Please get back to me on this - bexxta


Bristol is a fair and fragrant sea port, just down the motorway from the big smoke, 10 miles from the tourist magnet that is Bath, and quite close to Wales. Famous for, in no particular order: Wallace and Gromit, trip hop, the slave trade, an uncommonly high weed consumption, drum and bass, being near Bath, having two crap football teams.

What to do?

Over the weekend there is the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, which is the largest event of its kind in Europe. Hundreds of hot air balloons take off at dawn and dusk, drifting across the city. A surreal and entertaining sight. The festival istelf is a garish nightmare, but luckily the best views are from other parts of the city. If the wind is in the right direction, my house should be right in the flightpath. Mass ascents are at 6pm Friday, and 6am and 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

Other than Ashton Court, there are several possibilities for other activities, mainly involving food and drink due to ascorbic's obsessions with these.

  • A barbeque may be a nice idea, and I have a nice, bbq-friendly, if quite small, garden/yard.
  • Alcohol is always fun, and there are loads of great pubs in Bristol. Many of these are on the water's edge, so a booze cruise on the Ferry may be in order.
  • Restaurants. There are two very good, cheap restaurants literally at the bottom of my road. princess loulou says i dispute 'literally at the bottom of my road.' if you're being literal then surely they are at the top? ascorbic says you fucking pedant By cheap, I mean cheap: between £5 and £8 for a meal. They are also both the sort of places where a couple of dozen people could eat together without much trouble.

Sightseeing around Bristol could also happen if there is time. Bristol is a beautiful city with many historic buildings, but there are few "sights" except Brunel's dramatic Clifton Suspension Bridge that runs high above the gorge. That could be worth a trip, for those who don't fear heights, and it is right next to Ashton Court.

Possible Schedule

Please /msg BINM with your thoughts on this timetable.

Friday Afternoon

The general consensus seems to be that people want a quiet first night to recover from their travels. From around 7 until 9, we should be in Arnolfini, a cafe/bar/gallery/cinema thing that's convenient for the station, is next door to the Youth Hostel, and is a great place to chill on the dockside. It's also walking distance from Temple Meads station. Food on Friday night I expect to be done on an ad-hoc basis, maybe a takeaway or similar.

Saturday AM

We should head into town so that arriving noders can meet up with us at Arnolfini.

Saturday Afternoon

The rest of the day in town is open to debate. I like the idea of touring pubs by the waterside, maybe in the ferry, but then most people aren't such raging alkies as I am. Whatever happens, it could be an idea to buy day passes for the ferry, as it's the best way to get around central bristol. The pass is £5, or single trips are £1.20. Yes, transport in Bristol is expensive. A trip up towards The Clifton Suspension Bridge is quick on the bus, and the views are stunning. There's also good pubs up there ;).

Saturday Night

I have made a booking for 20 at 6pm at Teoh's, the asian restaurant at the top of my road. The food is usually good, and is often fantastic. The portions are huge, and with all dishes £5.25, it's seriously good value.

I was able to get them to let us order from the regular menu, but had to agree that we'd be there at 6pm sharp. I will confirm final numbers with them by Saturday lunchtime.

Later on, we can either go all back to mine for a chilled Bristol-style house party, or we can hit the town. I'll be able to put up some details of what's happening in town that night soon. Preferences please!


Sunday I suggest to be barbie-day. My garden isn't huge, but is good for bbqs. If we buy stuff on Saturday, or even make a dash to the supermarket on Sunday, we can rustle up some tasty treats. Maybe I'll do my famous roast peaches. We could also get stuff for a breakfast/brunch, to recover from Saturday night.

I'm expecting most people will start to head home on Sunday afternoon, but the stragglers could make a trip to The Old Duke, a pub in central Bristol which has really good live blues. It gets packed, so is only appropriate if there aren't too many of us left by then.

Please /msg BINM with your comments, criticisms, suggestions or other ideas!


My house
3 Lime Road,

I have a large, 4 bedroomed house, and although I all the bedrooms are occupied, there is quite a bit of crash space available on the floor. How many I can fit depends on how cosy people get, whether they bring sleeping bags and so on. Priority will be given to my friends/ those who've chinged me/given me crash space/given me snogs or otherwise ingratiated themselves with me. There is, however, a good alternative. The Bristol Youth Hostel is a modern, showcase hostel and comes highly recommended. It is also very cheap: beds are £12.75 per night, or £8.75 if you can convince them you're under 18. It is in a great location: in the city centre, right on the waterside, and about 20 minutes walk from my house. It is open 24 hours, so there's no problem with late nights. See URL below for more details.

Bristol is 1 hour 45 min on the train from London, a bit longer by bus. The most central train station is Temple Meads, which has trains from Paddington Station in London about twice an hour. Buses stop at Marlborough Street Bus Station. Train tickets vary a lot in price, depending if they're booked in advance, but are likely to be around £20, or £10 by bus. Travelling from Heathrow Airport, you can catch the bus directly to Bristol, or get the shuttle bus to Reading and catch the train. The travel desk in the airport has all the details.

Bristol Airport (IATA code: BRS) is served by the budget airlines including Go and RyanAir, as well as the usual carriers such as British Airways. There are flights from many European airports, as well as intercontinental connections via Amsterdam with KLM. The airport is very close to the city, and can be reached by a bus (about £2.50) or a taxi (about £10).

Useful links

  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta: http://www.bristolfiesta.co.uk/
  • Bristol Youth Hostel: http://www.yha.org.uk/make_booking/process/hostel81.html
  • ascorbic's house on MultiMap: http://www.multimap.com/map/places.cgi?quicksearch=bs31ls
  • Bristol Tourist Board: http://www.visitbristol.co.uk/
  • Bristol music: http://www.bristolsound.co.uk
  • Train Bookings: http://thetrainline.com
  • Bus tickets: http://gobycoach.com/
  • Bristol Airport: http://www.bristolairport.co.uk

Interested Parties

To add your name to this list, /msg ascorbic. Can those on the list also /msg to say whether they can or can't come, and I will bold or strike their name accordingly. If you are asking to be added, don't forget to tell me where you are coming from, and also if you want a message by your name.

  • From the UK
    • ascorbic
    • BlueDragon
    • wertperch no way he's getting out of this
    • call - "tentatively"
    • Oolong - I'm not sure why he ever left Bristol in the first place
    • Mortice says Bristol meet: sounds rather good, if I'm available...Also, I blew at the sky. Do you think that will help the stars move? No? Damn.
    • Tiefling says I would be flattered and privileged to attend the InterNoder meet. If you'll have me.
    • nevermind_me says The Bristol Noder Meet sounds really good, but I'm not sure of my dates in July as I'm sailing off Plymouth. please put me down as an interested party though
    • princess loulou says ascorbic i think it is outrageous. all these nice noders travelling from far-flung corners of the world to attend your nodermeet when it's all really an elaborate ploy to get as many noders as possible in your house so you can accomplish your mission of winning the noderpasher of the year award. they really should be told... if you won't tell them, i will
    • trust the doctor says I'm interested in your nodermeet but I can only come if Mortice can find me a top hat
    • stupot, plus shimmer
    • TallRoo
    • HamsterMan says Mmmmm, that nodermeet sounds very tempting. Very tempting indeed.
    • ethnocide says Bristol eh? Ah, the gorge, the bridge, the waterfront, the bars, the ludicrous accents. Count me in.
    • CamTarn says put this Glaswegian noder down as a not-very-certain-but-very-keen yes :)
    • decimetre
    • a scar faery says add me to the meet-list, tentatively, and i'll even bring some shampoo for wertperch's chest. ;)
    • Just_Tom says This is a tentative "Y-E-S" to the Bristol Noder Meet, however the world ends on July 1st so I have no idea where I'll be. I'm currently in Leeds UK though if anyone else from round there is coming can they let me know?
    • banjax says - I might be in the South West in August... please put me on the list for the Nodermeet :o)
    • booyaa
    • random_monkey says I possibly might be able to go to the bristol thingy, I'll try and poke dreamwalker into coming with. I'm from south derbyshire, burton - if anyone around wants a travel buddy <-- is that a term? /me looks
    • WyldWynd says colour me interested in the BINM.... thanks :)
    • dill says me and miki_de_marinero are interested in the nodermeet, if we can get out of Sunderland then
    • miki_de_marinero says Hi ascorbic. Please can you put me and dill down for your excellent sounding noder meet, if we can get there from Sunderland! Thanks, Miki
    • elem_125 says heya. Can I get put on the node for the bristol noder meet please? I'll definately be there, as will arieh
    • Teiresias
    • Fred Bloggs (the)
    • The Librarian says Am I fashionably late enough in signing up for the noder meet to win a prize? The chilled monkey needs some more representation...
  • From Australia
    • bexxta - coming! "as long as the stars all align" Travel accessories needed: one Orpheum-sized suitcase.
    • Orpheum - though preferably not in a suitcase
    • dustfromamoth says count me in, as long as the stars align, like w/ bexx. bexxta wonders if dustfromamoth would like to use her newly aquired Orpheum sized suitcase, seeing as though Orpheum doesnt seem thrilled by the whole man in a suitcase concept
  • From New Zealand
    • Demeter says If I manage to get home this year, a Bristol meet would be fun.
  • From Canada
    • liontamer says I will attend, of course, if I am in England at that time (yipee! Good chance of it too)
  • From the US of A
    • NatchLucid will come if we can scrape together the airfare. She will also bring her Dominatrix of the Midwest gear. Good incentive for people to contribute to the fund?
    • Chihuahua Grub saysUnfortunately, I think I'll have to duck out of this. Too little cash, you know? Should be in Europe next year, though (hope and hope and hope).
    • yossarian says change me back to a maybe on the meet node. i might be in the UK then after all.
    • cahla says muahahaha... international noder meet has my name stamped all over it! when it comes close to july, don't let me make any excuses to not show up, ok??
    • Phyllis Stein says i noticed that somehow my name has disappeared from the international noder meet roster of possible attendees. please amend this 'cause i still wanna come :)
    • LaylaLeigh says CORR! I might be able to make it to Bristol! Notlob? Bolton? Liverpool...WHAT? (I do worry about that girl)
    • Xamot says Oooh a trip to Bristol? I'm interested in the meet.
    • dann says Consider me interested in the Bristol meet. I'll know more precicely later if I'll be able to make it, but I want to come!! ::grin:
    • czeano says I dream of tucking in for the ol' eggs and b at your bean feast and hope that i'll have the lolly to make it across the pond...
    • cbustapeck says I would like to attend your noder meet - whether I will be able to attend or not depends on just how many frequent flyer miles I get from this crazy trip to Bhutan
    • Chiisuta says please put me down as a 'would love to, maybe can' :-)
    • karma debt says I may be able to attend the Bristol International Noder Meet .... airfair is the main issue... If I can get a good rate.. I'd be willing to drive a gaggle of noders there.. as I have experience in driving your way (3 yrs in Japan helps) I'll start lookin
    • fuzzy and blue says hey! Jongleur and I are going to be wandering around Europe this summer, and although this meet coincides most unfortunately with the European Juggling Festival in Bremen, Germany, we might be able to stop by
    • jaubertmoniker says oi oi. people want to know if i'm going, and i'd really love to, and my roommates seem interested, and i think it would be fucking cool, but i dunno if i will have enough money or time off from work
    • Infinite Burn says Are you aware that your gathering is tempting me something awful? If money can be worked out, and all that jazz expect to see me there, please bring an assortment of Euro-Poofs for me to sample. Thankee.
  • From Belgium
    • Albert Herring "I like Bristle and haven't been back there for a while"
  • From South Africa
  • From South Africa, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Ireland and the UK
    • Frankie who demanded her own category as the jet-setter she is.
  • From Norway
    • SharQ if he can con his parents into lending him a car, cause there is no way he is suffering National Express again
  • From Sweden
    • At least one three! of ascorbic's former housemates
    • mdn says I'll be visiting Britain at the time of the gathering, so there is a large chance that I'll be able to stop by.
  • From the Netherlands
    • blondino says I will definitively try to be there. Bristol in August... mmm... donuts....
  • From Switzerland

/msg me to add your name here. It's what all the big kids are doing!