It started as one building.
They'd refurbished an old field into a set of luxury apartments
with clear windows, empty and open,
inviting their little friends along

I saw family friends say their farewells,
moving to the next place this city had left for them,
crying for the all of the old memories we had made here

Then came the offices,
and with them, the yuppies,
who always go from place to place,
finding what is in store for them next

There were bourgeosie mothers pushing double strollers of twins
with Birkin bags on their thin arm, having the power to
draw all eyes with one click of their velvet pencil heels

They'd stepped on all of us that decade,
displaced us all like confused geese,
flying forever to find true north

True north?
We disappeared off the map;
they'd already squished the earth flat and beaten it to a pulp