Just prior to my nineteenth birthday, my parents committed me to The Institute of Living in Hartford, Ct.,USA. I spent a month there being tested and examined by some of the (then) best psychiatrists in the field and was discharged with the diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia.

I was on bail, having been charged with bank robbery, and had spent the previous month on the criminal ward of the New Hampshire State Hospital where I had also been examined and diagnosed; and my parents were seeking a second opinion.

At my trial the State's Psychiatrist testified that I had Schiziod Personality Disorder which the State claimed was not really insanity. When my counsel illicited the information that the State's witness had actually only interviewed me for about fifteen minutes during the month, the jury bought my defense diagnosis and I was found "not guilty by reason of insanity".

If the judge was to commit me for treatment, it would have to be to the New Hampshire State Hospital criminal ward under the care of the doctor who'd testified that I wasn't insane, so he released me!

I think the State's doctor was right.