In September 1998, the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing released a new twenty dollar bill. New security features to prevent counterfeiting include the following (assuming bill is face-side up):

  • Holding the bill up to light, a watermark identical to Andrew Jackson's portrait is visible in the whitespace to the right.
  • Red and blue threads are embedded throughout the bill.
  • A vertically embedded Mylar thread left of the portrait glows under ultraviolet light, and can be seen against a bright background. The words "USA TWENTY" and a flag with the number 20 in the star field are printed on the thread.
  • The number 20 on the lower right corner is printed in ink made of color shifting flakes - it looks green when viewed straight on, but black at an angle.
  • The background of Andrew Jackson's portrait, and the background of the White House on the reverse side are printed in fine lines that are intended to make it difficult to replicate.
  • Within the number 20 on the lower left corner of the front side, the words "USA 20" are repeated in microprint.
  • The words "The United States of America" are microprinted on the lower edge ornamentation of the oval framing Jackson's portrait.