In the old Lone Wolf books0 (a cross between the Choose Your Own Adventure series and a general RPG), the hero was a member of the Kai religious order. Every successive book let you add an extra Kai "discipline," which gave you an advantage in certain situations (these were attained through study at the Kai Monastery--although this was something of an "independent study," since the first book began with the massacre of the Kai). After the first series ran out, a second series was released where the hero advanced beyond Kai to "Magnakai", with disciplines based on, but more advanced than, the originals. The third series went on to "Kai Grand Master" (although I never got through it)

The only Kai disciplines that I can think of off the top of my head (I probably still have the books tucked away in my attic somewhere) are Hunting and Animal Magnetism.

Footnote 0: This should not be confused with the Lone Wolf and Cub series