Liberal comedian and pundit Bill Maher can say this about President George W. Bush - the leader of his country:

"The people who were defending him were saying, 'well, he's just inarticulate.' But inarticulate doesn't explain foreign policy. I mean, it's not that complicated. The man is a rube. He is a dolt. He is a yokel on the world stage. He is a Gilligan who cannot find his ass with two hands. He is a vain half-wit who interrupts one incoherent sentence with another incoherent sentence."

And not only is Bill still alive the next day, he is also free, and still has his job.*†

* While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on February 20, 2007, discussing Joe Scarborough's week-long panel discussions on whether Bush was an idiot or not.

† I realize this does not make the United States of America unique, there are several other nations where you can get away with this, but there are many - too many - where you cannot. And the USA is one of the first nations where you could.