I just listened to the President's speech. It was great. He accurately, and surprisingly briefly, was able to sum up all the major points of how education and staying in school is important.

I will even more briefly now admonish those who objected to the speech, who kept their children home from school (to not hear a speech which stressed the importance of GOING TO SCHOOL!!). You right-wing mouth-breather FOOLS. You idiots. You hypocrites. You sheep! You bigoted, racist, backward, backwoods fucktards (of course that is only meant for the people objecting who ARE racist, bigoted, and backward, mind you): you are about as good for your children as a shovel is to the face. I hope you feel even more stupid than you already were once you heard the speech, how it was nothing but a positive message about school.

But sadly, a good lot of you will still dig your ignorant heels in and still justify your objection, still cry "NOBAMA" even after hearing it. I sigh and slowly shake my head. I posted it on Facebook, too, but this cartoon pretty much sums up the controversy, and the importance of education, and accurately portrays the lack of education of most of the people who objected to the speech.