I had a lot of little ideas for a daylog, but couldn't decide on one, so I'll do them all. Cheers.

  • It's weird watching somebody get fired. Yesterday one of my coworkers, we'll call him Jim, called in sick. And he really was sick. Later my boss was at Jim's computer, having a mild, non-heated argument with my other coworker about a new person he'd hired. I was only half-paying attention, as I was quite busy at the time. All of a sudden my boss is bringing up his IM client, which Jim stupidly had set to login on start-up, and starts reading his IMs -- aloud!. Bossman starts talking about reformatting his machine, changing passwords, then it hits me: Jim's getting shit-canned! And it had been planned for quite some time. Usually I can see the writing on the walls, at it were, but this one blind sighted me. And it was worse for Jim, obviously. The boss broke it to him not-so-gently on his cell phone later that day. Hearing him make that call was painful. I can imagine how much more painful it was for Jim. And Jim's a good guy and I liked working with him. I had no idea that he wasn't good enough for my boss.
  • Ah, the sun's out! Sunlight! I haven't seen it since before Halloween! It's been rainy and dreary here for quite some time. Don't you just love that feeling of being bathed in sunlight after a significant period of time without it?
  • Here's a scary thought it appears that nobody else has considered but me: if America is still pretty much embroiled in Iraq in four years, or (sheesh) the invasion of yet another country in the War on Terror, what if Bush, who has a Republican-controlled Senate and House, decides "To hell with it, I'm gonna run again! Yeehaw!"?? He's proposed an ammendment to the Constitution before. What if he tries to pass one that allows him to run another term? He seems to think he can do whatever the hell he wants as it is. And if he's only got one more term anyway, what does he have to lose by trying? What if he succeeds? He's just crazy enough to try it, and on Tuesday Americans proved that a good lot of us are crazy enough to vote for him again.

I think I'll just leave you to chew on that one for a while.

Thanks to BrooksMarlin for pointing out that a two thirds majority is needed in Congress to get an ammendment passed. So, it's highly unlikely, but still possible.