I found out a few days ago that, after some speculation based on shaky evidence that my child will be a girl, it will actually be a boy.

There was some slight disappointment, as we had been given tons of girl stuff, mostly clothing, from cousins, etc. (Now apparently we will have to do a bit more baby clothing shopping). Nonetheless, I was not at all unhappy at the news. I did have some aspirations to have a "Daddy's little girl," but after I saw the ultrasound and the Doctor typed "IT'S A BOY!" on the screen, the thought of having my son sounded just wonderful.

Now that I know, for sure, what my child will be, it makes it more real. I can actually visualize it now, at little boy, my son, sitting at the table eating his breakfast cereal in the morning before school. I can see a boy calling for his father, me, to come out and play catch with him. My god, it's so weird. I'm going to have a child. The reality of it is setting it. I am going to raise a boy, a boy that will become a man, like me. How can this be? I just graduated high school. Oh, wait, that was ten years ago. Seems like yesterday. And it seems like two minutes ago that I graduated college and got married.

Man, how can I be having a kid when I'm just getting used to the fact that I'm not a kid anymore? Wait a minute, I'm a grown up? When did this happen? I still like to play video games and play with and taunt my cats.

It's funny when I think about it: soon there will be another new person in the house, a person I helped create. When I think about this, I think about all the scifi scientists, or real life scientists and MIT students who strive tirelessly to create robots and artificial intelligence; they spend countless hours programming and building, hoping to see the fruits of their labor manifest in a machine that will become aware of what it is and have an intelligent conversation with them. Yet, it is incredibly easy to create a new life, a being that will be intelligent, self-aware, something you can shape and influence, give a name to, love. All it takes is some good sex and good timing.

There ya go.:)

I'll see my creation in just a few months now - no assembly required.

"Waaahhh!!" -- " IT'S ALIVE! Bwa ha ha ha ha!"