I think I'm living the movie "Groundhog Day"

Every morning when my alarm clock goes off I invariably hit the snooze button for a valuable extra ten minutes of sleep. Every time it goes off again, and I cannot trace how far back this goes (how long its been doing this), the same damn commercial is airing. And it's at the precise spot in the commercial that it begins when my snooze goes off.

SWOOOOSSSHHHHH! That's supposed to be the sound of an airplane taking off.

"...and I eat a lot of airline food. All of a sudden one night, terrible heartburn...the guy in the seat next to me says 'Here, try this...Zantac 75.' 'Thanks,' I say. 'You know, I should really see a doctor about this heartburn.' and he says 'ya just did.'"

Every morning, right there, BAM, like clockwork! What, is that station I have my alarm radio set to play the same damn commercial at the precise, exact time every morning?? What the hell is up with that???

And then I get up and leave the hotel and go cover the groundhog seeing its shadow.