I can't wait to meet you.

Hello in there. Can you hear me yet? Those books say that at this stage you are beginning to hear. You have ears now. I put my head against the roof of your temporary home to see if I can hear you inside. I hear strange sounds that could be you, but yet could also be sounds of other things, like food digesting.

I can't wait to meet you.

Can you hear me when I read this book to you? The Tale of Peter Rabbit. It's a good book, don't you think, little one? Daddy's reading this book to you, do you know that? This is my voice.

This is my soul.

I wonder what's going on in there, what it must be like for you. You are making so many discoveries, but yet there are billions more to make once you decide to come out here and play.

I'll show it all to you myself


I can't wait to meet you.

Come out soon, but not too soon. I'm sorry, take your time, I shouldn't rush you. But I just can't wait, you know? I guess you'll be here soon enough. Just a few more months now, and then I'll get to see you, see you get Daddy's good looks. Or Mommy's. Oh, I know you'll be beautiful, girl or boy. Yes, you've been a bit shy, haven't you?.

I can't wait to meet you. See you soon, little one!

Just don't frickin cry too much!!