I had an awesome day yesterday.

My babysitter is on vacation this week so we needed my mother to come up and watch Ryan (my eight-month old son). But she was ill until today and couldn't do it. To make a slightly long story a bit shorter, with no other alternative, I had to stay home from work with him yesterday. My wife took today. I loved it, an entire day, just the two of us, my son and I. I'm reminded of that Will Smith cover. I had a honeydo list, but once those tasks were complete along with some loads of laundry we had some fun, playing around in the house, going out for lunch at McDonald's. I had a salad and Filet-O-Fish while he had a jar of Apples and Sweet Potato baby food. Mmmm.

As usual, the curious little guy was looking all around at all the people, most of which were teenagers off for spring break. I was trying to feed him but when he seemed too preoccupied with looking around the lobby I would back to my salad. Of course two seconds later I would heard him cry for another bite! We did this several times. It was cute. I really felt like a daddy yesterday, doing all these things for the child, getting his high chair, strapping him into the car seat, etc, with no help from mommy. Or the mother-in-law.

And as an added bonus, the weather was beautiful! The best day so far of 2005. The sun was out for the first time in a week and, even though the official temperature was 67 it felt like it was in the 70's.

In the AM hours we discovered a new game, where he lightly touches me with the TV remote control, I snap my head back as if he'd just slapped me with it hard, and he laughs and giggles about it. Also, I watched The Price is Right for the first time in years. God Bob Barker is looking old these days!

The afternoon was the best. We went for a walk. I strapped him into a stroller and out we went, enjoying the springtime weather! He hardly made a noise, just taking it all in, the sights, sounds, and smells of the neighborhood, coming alive after a long, cold winter: spring-breaking kids running around, people doing yard work for the first time since the fall, etc. It was nice taking my son out without having to put a coat on him or wrap him in a blanket.

I wish I could have days like that more often.

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