Hi. I do day log now.

I am Bulk, thing that artman2003 turn into when he get real mad. i like his yang or something. Like Jeck and Hide. anyway, he say i not do write ups when I here cuz i no gud at it. he say i not smart enuff. well, ha ha, he no in cuntrol now, me is. i do write up now, i show him. problem is i keep breaking keyboard, not know own stength. i hope he no mad at me for that.

anyway, this day log so i tell you my day. artman say if i ever do write up it shuld be day log. i no know why. anyway, day was gud. first he get all mad then i here. i no remember why he so mad. then i roar reel loud cuz that scare peeple and i like scare peeple. then i smash blue car. then i smash red one. then it start making loud noise that hurt Bulk's ears. so i smash it sum more. then it shut up. after that i throw sum jurk into window. i think he try to stop me, but that funny cuz he little wuss. that or he just walking by me and i no like his tie.

after that i go to stor and get candy. Bulk like candy. some man say something about muney. i smash his counter and say "have nice day." Bulk no need muney because Bulk SMASH! then i ate candy bar. it gud. i always like choclat, specially when i smashing. it smashing snack, i like to say. also sprees.

then i go back to home and get on computer. that when i find this and decide to do day log. boy he be so mad when he finds out i do day log. shhh. no tell him or he might try not to get mad for long time and then i no here. I'd better finish cuz I'm starting to turn back to normal.