"Mr. Tanaka," she said, stretching out all the vowels in the name as if she was having sex with it as it cooed out of her mouth, "so you like to be tied up, eh?"

She was smirking at him with cavalier superiority as she paced back and forth in front of him. Her high heels clicked sharply on the wooden floor below her. She was very scantily clad in leather, her breasts bubbling out of the bra painted onto her chest. Her bright red lipstick and strikingly aqua eyes screamed at him from her otherwise pale face. She was very tightly gripping a rubbery rope in her hands, so tight that her fingers were white and the rope made choking sounds.

Tanaka, a small man, who was sitting in the little chair in the middle of the room, was already beginning to sweat. His dark tie hung loose around him and dark puddles of moisture were beginning to grow around his armpits. The bright lamp above him felt quite warm, but that was not the main reason he was wet.

"Yesss, Mistress Carla" he hissed nervously. "I ruvv to be tied up."

Mistress Fiona, Mistress Carla's associate, a tall blonde bombshell, stood behind Mr. Tanaka. She began to chuckle in an eerily little girl-like manner. She was clad much in the same way that Carla was. "You hear that, sis? Our little Mr. Tanaka here ruuvvvs to be dominated!"

"I love it!" exclaimed Mistress Carla. "That is more fun! Here, do as he pleases!" She tossed the yellow rubber hose over to Fiona, who easily snatched it out of midair.

"I'll try not to make it too tight," Fiona whispered into his ear as she violently began wrapping it around his wrists. When she was done she asked him what he thought. "Very nice," he thought it was.

"Are you sure you're comfortable?" Carla asked. "You paid for three hours." Mr. Tanaka nodded to indicated that he indeed was quite comfie.

Mistress Carla ripped open his shirt, sending buttons flying to all corners of the small wooden room. She slowly began to kiss on his nearly-hairless chest.

"Oohhh," Tanaka purred. "I wike."

"No more talking!" Fiona yelled. She then shoved a ball gag into his mouth, a bright red one, like he had seen in an American movie about ten years before. Carla produced a whip from her black leather toolbag on the floor and struck his legs as Fiona made sure the gag was tight. A scream tried to explode from his mouth but the gag was doing its job quite well.

"Or screaming," Carla added, grinning wickedly. She then bent down and ripped his trousers off. She flung them across the room. Then she whipped his bare legs, the sound cruelly sharp and piercing. He tried to scream again.

"OK, that's enough," Fiona said flatly. Carla smiled, bent down, and pulled a long, shiny knife out of the bag.

"Sorry, Mr. Tanaka," she said as she held the sharp blade to his throat, "we're upping our price."

As he grunted, Fiona walked around in front of him and found his pants. She yanked the wallet from it. "You international businessmen are such idiots! They're so easy, aren't they, sis?"

"Extremely," purred Carla. She snarled at Tanaka playfully as the blade, ever-so-slightly, began to pierce his skin. A tiny droplet of crimson escaped the union of the blade and the flesh of his neck.

"Fabulous!" Fiona yelled, pulling out a wad of green paper from his wallet. "One of the few left who believe in carrying large amounts of cash."

"Any last words, Mr. Tanaka?" Carla asked, flashing her mouthful of gleaming white teeth at him.

Suddenly, he bit the ball gag in half, one half of it flying to the left, the other half in his mouth which was suddenly unusually large. He spit it out. "Just one. Goodbye."

An ear-splitting screech emanated from his mouth. As Carla and Fiona looked at him in fearful awe, it opened up to inhuman proportions. Then, before another thought could cross their minds, two large red snakes shot out from either side of his mouth. One barreled through Fiona's head, the other through Carla's. Their blood and brains spattered on the wall behind them. With a couple of triumphant squeals, the snakes left their squishy heads and returned to his mouth. The bodies crumpled to the floor in dull thuds. His mouth closed until it looked like a normal human one again.

Tanaka took a long, deep breath in through his nose, straightened his tie, and said "American women, think they so tufff."

He wiped a bit of blood off of his mouth that the snakes had left behind, picked up their bag, then his pants and wallet, and strolled out of the room.