So they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Really? Well then what the hell is this sitting on my desk today? Hm? It looks like lunch. And guess what? I didn't pay one red cent for it!!

Yes, this is what you would call trade-out, bay-bee! Yeah, see, this hotel, we do their website, and they've got this little restaurant inside of it. Actually, it's the fourth restaurant they've had down in there (they keep going out of business). Anyway, we get free lunches from them all the time. We'd better take as much advantage of it as we can, though, because they say they hardly get any other customers besides us. I noticed they chinced on the fries today. Yeah, this one's going down, too.

So is there still any doubt that this lunch is not free? Come, I've got an overdone bacon blue cheese burger here and some decent fries and a pickle. I'm not going to eat the pickle. I hate pickles. But you do see my point, right? I got it for absolutely NOTHING! You cannot spin this at all in any way shape or form to say I paid something for it. I didn't order it. I didn't go get it (and use any gas which has been way too goddamn expensive lately). So there!

Hey, this burger tastes kinda funny. Ew. Oh well, it's FREE! *MUNCH!*