Wate Night Wamblings - Volume 1:

  • Today (well, technically yesterday), I got my oil changed at Jiffy Lube (don't bother sending me messages bitching about either Jiffy Lube or me doing it myself. I can do it myself, ahhright, I'm just short on time so chill). It was a typical Jiffy Lube experience except for one thing. The strangest disclaimer sign that I have ever seen was on the Coca Cola machine in the customer lounge area. It said:

    Jiffy Lube is not responsible for any indiscretions that the Coke machine may cause.
    Thank You - The Management

    Excuse me. What? I did a double take. Indiscretions? Huh? Caused by a Coke machine? What sort of indiscretions do Coke machines cause? Either whomever wrote that sign doens't know the meaning of the word "indiscretion" or somebody acted rather rather indiscretely after purchasing a Coke product from their machine and tried to blame Jiffy Lube for carelessly having a soda machine that causes them to act that way.

  • It was my birthday on June 20th. I'm 29. A year from the big three-oh. It seems like I just graduated high school and started college a short time ago and now here I am married, have a 9-5 job, have a son, live in suburbia, and I'm approaching thirty. When the hell did this happen? Oh yeah and I'm getting gray hair, too.

  • Heard about the big hullaballoo in St. Louis Friday afternoon? You might have, it made national news. A place called Praxair blew sky high and I'm not even kidding. It was in downtown near Lafayette Square. It was a place the stored and sold tanks of various gases in various states including acetylene, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, and propane. BOOM! I work in downtown St. Louis as well but I'm glad I wasn't near there. Tanks of oxygen were flying out of that place like missiles, careening into nearby cars and buildings and creating secondary fires. That was pretty amazing, but you know the most amazing thing? Not a single person was injured. Not even a scratch! On anybody!. All seventy plant employees were accounted for. Somebody practiced their safety evacuation drills! No innocent bystanders had any parts of their bodies turned into pudding by flying oxygen tanks. The only casualties were some poor unsuspecting parked cars. Freakin amazing. More amazing than the five-story fireballs shooting above the St. Louis skyline.

  • Heat may have been a factor that caused the fire that started the explosions (something ignited some propane while they were filling a tank with it). Christ it's been hot around here! We've been nearing 100 degrees every day. And it's still June! July and August are usually much hotter in Missouri. This does not bode well.

I tried to think of more stuff to wamble about, but I think I'm out. I'm really tired and have to get back to bed (I fell asleep with my contacts in and had to get up to take them out, which hurt slightly, by the way, and I decided to do this daylog I had planned on before going back to bed). So anyway, night-night noderpeoples.

Oh yeah, and since it is late at night, I am not responsible for any typos in this node, or any indiscretions it may have caused.