So it was my birthday yesterday. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Big deal. Where's that downvote button?" But hold on a sec. First of all, it was kind of cool that my birthday fell on Father's Day and that I will indeed, for the first time, be a father in a few months. But that's not the main reason for this daylog.

I'm twenty-eight now. Two years from thirty. I would like to know if anybody else has experienced this phenomenon that I've been experiencing for years: my late twenties are just running together. You see, sixteen is a significant birthday, at least in the United States. This, for most, is the legal age of driving. Yes I know the laws have changed a little on that, but when I turned sixteen I could have run out and gotten a full driver's license - I didn't, but I could have. Anyway, eighteen is a significant birthday because that's legal adult age. And it is when most kids graduate high school and start college. Twenty is significant because you are entering your twenties and it's a nice round number. Twenty-one is important - again, at least in the United States, because that is legal drinking age. Twenty-five means you're halfway between twenty and thirty. But after that year, whenever I have been asked what my age is, there's been hesitation.


It seems strange to have to think about it when asked what your age is, even if it is only for 1.5 seconds or so. It was something I used to instantly recall with no problem. I guess these mid-to-late twenties are just running together. I'm no different, and I feel no different, than I did at twenty-seven, twenty-six, or even twenty-four. It could be that not much has changed in my life since 2000. I've been living in the same house. I've had the same job. I've had the same neighbors for the better part of the last four years. Has anybody else out there experienced this? Do any of you experience hesitation on your part when asked to come up with your age?

This age of twenty-eight will be significant, though. Big changes are coming. And I can't wait.