I am so sick of trying to please everybody.

Abraham Lincoln was supposed to have said something like "you can please some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time," and it is so true. Yeah, I read last year that somebody came out and said he didn't really say that among other quotes attributed to him, I don't know, and no I'm not doing any goddamn research so get over it, I'm ranting here just like golFUR (whom I agree with on everything he said, btw).

But anyway, my point is, screw this pleasing everybody bullshit. Seriously. If you'll refer to my daylog yesterday, you'll see that one of my wife's cousins tragically died three days ago. He fell off a ladder and plummeted 30 feet to the concrete below and the cocrete won, as it usually does. Saturday night is his wake and Sunday is his funeral. Saturday afternoon there's a big ol' honkin' family reunion (my grandmother's maiden family) way down in Cape Giradeau, Missouri. So my wife is gonna go, but has to leave it early to get down to her cousin's wake by six which is actually four hours after it begins. Problem is, my grandma doesn't want to leave it early, she only sees most of these people once a year and since we have a nice big ol' van now we were supposed to drive her and my aunt down there as well as us and our baby.

On one hand, I've got my grandmother and mother (and several friends I've talked to) saying how wakes aren't that important, how the living are more important than the dead, blah diddy blah blah, and on the other hand I've got my wife who takes things like wakes and funerals very seriously and she's gotta be there for her family you know, grieve with them, and she's already compromising four hours of it. But it's not like she hasn't been spending the past two days with them anyway. It's not like they'll all die from grief if she isn't there at exactly six o'clock.

Why can't people die at more convenient times? I mean, really. I'll try to make sure I do.

Yes, I realize that, but like I said, I'm ranting here, OK?!?

So, here I am, in a situation similar to others in the past. You know, my side of the family is small, they do things three or maybe four times a year. You don't even want to know how many weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, family reunions, funerals we have to deal with on her side of the family every year and every time ya gotta down way the hell down to the sticks to go to them.

Anyway, I am sick of all that shit, I'm sick of this trying to please everybody crap!


Serenity now!

Update I think it's all better now. I think finally somebody realized that I was about to go insane.