God damn it is hot in here.

It is very difficult to focus on making websites when your shirt is soaked with sweat and it is so hot that your eyes hurt. The air conditioning unit in this turd of a warehouse, which can turn the place into a refrigerator in the late spring months, can't seem to handle continuous 91 degree-plus days, even running constantly, as it does now.

It's only cooling it down to 87, apparently. My desk fan only mocks my state of near-heat stroke, laughing as it directs only more hot air in my general direction. Jesus H. Christ it's hot in here.

Oh, and for some reason, my boss has started playing Christmas music from his computer...

...very loudly.

I can't wait until four o'clock. Oh wait, yes I can, because then I get to climb into my air-conditionless car, which has probably been getting nice and toasty for me all day. And then maybe I'll be treated to a traffic jam somewhere along the way home where the vents will direct the hot air and exhaust from the vehicles in front of me to my face. Just maybe.