Happy New Year everybody.

I hate to start off 2005 with a rant, but something is really rubbing me raw today. It's one of those things that might encourage the aliens secretly orbiting Earth to either a) Give up entirely on inviting our planet to the Federation and leave and never return or b) decide to begin a full scale invasion.

So everybody with a computer, television, radio, or living in Asia has heard about the terrible tsunami disaster, right? The death toll is in the mid-100,000s and keeps climbing. Unimaginable death, destruction, and despair. Some of the deaths were vacationers from other countries because a lot of resort areas were hit. I heard on the radio this morning that people who had scheduled vacations to start after the tsunami hit decided not to cancel their precious plans and go there anyway. So there they are, the n'er-do-well tourists lying on the beaches Bohemian style (there's supposedly footage of this) having their expensive vacays anyway. And guess what?

They're complaining about the lousy service they're getting!!!

Oh, sorry sir, the tsunami has destroyed my entire town and almost killed my entire family, so you'll please excuse the delay in getting that mai tai out to you!

What the fuck? I mean, seriously, what the fuck?!

The vacationers claim that, hey, they paid good money for this vacation, money that can't be refunded, so they want their service to reflect what they paid. Hey, guess what, douchebags? All that money you paid is gone, OK?! It's either washed away with all the buildings and dead, drowned people or used to buy a bit of fresh food for somebody so he or she doesn't die of starvation or food poisoning! Look, if you have enough money to travel halfway across the globe and sit on the beach why don't you put that moolah to better use and donate to the fucking Red Cross you ignorant, disgusting, bloated, privileged pieces of crap! Either do that or get off of my planet, you're wasting some of our air!!

Oh, and another thing almost as bad. It seems just as horrible disasters bring out the best in us, like relief efforts and charitable kindness, they also bring out the worst in us. Already plenty of folks out there are looking to make a fast buck off this thing. Like registering/buying/selling tsunamirelief.com. Setting up charities where yeah some goes to tsunami relief but you keep most of it. Or setting up totally bogus charities where nothing goes to the relief! I think most will go with me on this when I send off a big huge


to those individuals. You know what I think we need to do? Round them up, put them on a plane, hand them shovels and say "OK, you want some money? Go help find/dig up some bodies, we're paying you a dollar an hour! And next time you want to set up a bogus charity, remember the bloated, decaying faces of all those poor unfortunate souls you were trying to make some money off of!" Oh well. At lease those people can say they no longer have to live on a planet with greedy, low-life bastards like that.

Remember, if you want to give money to tsunami relief, don't go surfing and researching all over the web looking for relief funds and debating on whether or not they're legitimate. Just donate to the Red Cross. It's that simple. If you do that, you know that the money is going where it should because I'm sure that the Red Cross is pretty strapped by now and anything you donate in the next couple of months will most likely go to help tsunami victims.