We decided to have Chinese food today for lunch, me, my wife, and our friend Lori. We went to China King Buffet, this little hole in the wall two minutes from my house in a little strip mall otherwise populated by laundromats and little specialty stores. It is the best Chinese food buffet I've ever had and it's cheap! I was literally running, no, sprinting maybe, to the side door because the Antarctic winds we're having today was stinging any exposed flesh and sucking my breath away. And I was toting my son in his car seat (covered with a blanket, don't worry). I got to the door and flung it open. Actually, there was no flinging or opening. DEE-NIED. It was locked and I could see people inside. I looked at the hours posted on the door. They were supposed to be open.

After several more attempts and trying to open the door while all the people inside were looking at me, finally one of the employees (all of them are indeed Chinese) decided to go over and unlock the door for me. Maybe the other door was unlocked and we were in a battle to see who was lazier, me for not wanting to walk to the other door or her for actually getting off her ass to come open that door for me. The damn door was supposed to be open anyway and they had just forgotten to do it.

But the meal was good, as it always was, and fresh, as they had just opened and still didn't have everything out when we got there. The fortunes we received were quite interesting today. Mine read:

"Feeling people will see life as a tragedy, thinking people will see it as a comedy."

It was fitting, I thought. For me at least. I like to consider myself a thinking person, although I have been accused of doing many things in my life without thinking. Anyway, I do see a lot of comedy in life, I like comedy shows and movies the best, and some of you may have noticed a lot of my nodes are comedic in nature. I am a firm believe of the old equation: Tragedy + time = comedy.

My wife had an interesting one, too.

"You and your wife will be happy in your life together."


We had a chuckle about that one. Then our friend Lori opened up her cookie and hers said she was going to try something new. And again, always looking for comedy in life, I suggested maybe those two fortunes went together!

Of course, as always, each fortune was much more interesting when adding the phrase "in bed." to the end of each one.