Since the opportunity to do a day log for February 29th only comes around once every four years, I thought I would snatch it and do one this time around. And it was a beautiful Leap Day here in Missouri, with slightly warmer-than-normal temperatures, plenty of sunshine and a good breeze to boot.

The day began with breakfast at McDonald's. Say what you want about the place - its greasy, unhealthy food, its service - but its breakfast kicks ass if you're wallet's a little dry and you need something quick. Plus, I got to eat alone with my wife, something that doesn't happen very often anymore, as we have taken in my mother-in-law.

After breakfast we went to know, church wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to get up and sing all these dumb songs. I know a lot of people enjoy it but personally, I'm not much of a singer. In fact, I'm not that good. The only reason we're going to church now is because my wife's pregnant. She figures now that there's a kid on the way we should get into the habit. Great reason, huh?

After that we went to Wal-Mart, did some grocery shopping, got some KFC, went home, put the stuff away, and ate the KFC outside since it was so nice. Then later I finally took down the Christmas lights hanging on the house. I figured that if I just got them down before March, I wouldn't be a total loser- procrastinator. I barely beat the rain, as clouds did move in and dribbled a little on me. I got in before it really started.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that while at Wal-Mart, when checking out, I saw a boob. This thin, not-very-attractive woman, who apparently wasn't wearing a bra, bent over tending to her kid. She was wearing a shirt that didn't have sleeves. She was wearing a jacket, but still everything parted the right way and I just so happened to be looking over there are the right moment and PRESTO! - boob! Since she wasn't all that hot, I didn't think "Wow, a boob!" It was more like "Hey, that's a nipple there."

It seems fitting that something that happens to me only about once every four or five years should happen on a Leap Day.