Hi! I'm Karen Hart with your Entertainment Today report this morning. I have a special treat for you today. Here with me in the studio is the artist with the latest chart-busting hit Please Baby Don't Downvote Me from the album "Evurthang," the #1 single in America right now. Please welcome R&B artist Smooth E2!

Smooth E2: Thank you, thank you Karen. It's a pleasure to be here on America This Morning.

Karen: It's a pleasure to have you! All right, now, most people who haven't heard the song, and maybe some who have, may not know exactly what the song, or the album for that matter, means. Could you please maybe provide us with some background for the album and song?

Smooth E2: Sure, Karen, sure. You see, it's about this website I belong to where you write stuff on it and, like, people will, uh, either upvote them or downvote them. And the song is basically about the frustration and devastation of being downvoted, especially by somebody that you love. And that's what the song is really about, the heartache of being disapproved by...by somebody whom you cherish.

Karen: I, uh, well I bet that would be pretty heartbreaking!

Smooth E2: Fer real, Karen, definitely.

Karen: So, let's briefly touch on some of these other great songs in this album. I know that Please Baby Don't Downvote Me is the smash hit here, but the album has several other gems. Like for instance Bad Rep. Could you explain this one?

Smooth E2: Sure, Karen. These things you write on this website, nodes or write-ups, whatever you wish to call them, if they get more downvotes than upvotes they have what's called a negative rep, or bad rep. Rep I guess is short fo reputation. It's about the frustration and devastation of getting a bad rep on one of your cherished nodes.

Karen: I can certainly see how that would have you down in the dumps, Smooth! Now, uh, this one's interesting, I hope the FCC won't mind me saying the full title here. Don't Eat My Node, Bitch. What's this one all about?

Smooth E2: Well, it's about the frustration and devastation of having one of your write-ups eaten, if somebody high up thinks it is really bad, and that's one of the toughest things of all, you know...having your, uh, write-up eaten. It's really rough, you know.

Karen: Now, this song here, Pipelink my Love, what is this about? What in the heck does "pipelink" mean here, Smooth?

Smooth E2: Well, Karen, it's about saying one thing and meaning another. It's about, when you're talkin to your lover and you, like, you say things to them, but they have a deeper meaning, a, uh, hidden meaning, right? But it can be devastating and frustrating if they don't pick up on it, or, uh, click on your pipelink. Ya dig?

Karen: Well, I think so, Smooth. Yeah. Communication is certainly a problem with a lot of couples out there.

Smooth E2: Yeah, zactly. I, uh, really feel I'm speakin to the people, y'know, speakin to their hearts with this album. I really feel that I'm touchin the people, y'know?

Karen: Well, with lyrics like "baby, when you be downvotin I feel like I been smoten," I can see why, Smooth! Now, could you please, maybe just briefly hit on this song here, this enigmatically titled Donfreenut and Toaster Mess Me Up? Because this one really seems quite different from the rest, like it has a bit of rap in it, a bit of an edge...

Smooth E2: Ah, well, you see Karen, hehheh, these two cats on this website, they be tearin it up, their write-ups are always hilarious, or touching, or both, they really speak to your mind, your soul. I wuz just doin a little tribute to 'em, y'know? Gotta represent!

Karen: And that certainly is important, Smooth. Now, I have to ask you: this song, it only debuted two weeks ago and it's already #1 on the charts. You've been catapulted into fame rather quickly here, how have you been handling it, this almost-instant fame here?

Smooth E2: Well, I'm tryin to take it one step at a time, y'know? Yeah, it's been a roller coaster, but I'm tryin to remain humble. I'm still the same dude who grew up in my little neighborhood back in St. Louis, in a suburb called Normandy. I'm still tryin to keep it real, y'know? Ya dig?

Karen: I certainly do, Smooth! Well, I'm afraid we're almost out of time. Just one more thing, I hear you're already planning your next album and that it's going to be titled "Evurthang 2." Could you maybe confirm this rumor?

Smooth E2: Sure. That's what I'm thinkin about titlin it. But, I'm just mainly right now tryin to focus on the here and now right now, Karen.

Karen: Well, we can't wait for your next album, but for now I guess we'll have to enjoy this one. Thank you so much for joining us! This has been Smooth E2 everybody with the chart-climbing album "Evurthang," on sale at all major music outlets right now. Go out and buy one! Coming up next after the break we'll be speaking with our Court TV insider about the Michael Jackson molestation trial...