Originally I had planned on talking about how much yesterday was a nothing day, extraordinarily ordinary. I was going to make a point about how very little we take the old adages "live every day to its fullest" or "live every day as it could be your last" seriously. I was going to point out that Monday, August 8, 2005, was just another day where I went to work, came home, made dinner, ate dinner, watched some television, and went to bed. I was going to explain how so many of my days the past five years or so since I graduated college, got married, moved into my house I currently occupy, and got the job I currently have, have been exactly like that. I was going to talk a little bit about how much of a rut I've been in and that things need to change.

But I decided not to. While I still think my point of how we rarely live each day to its fullest -- that a lot of days in our life are just filler episodes (if our life is a tv series) in between the good ones -- is still a good one, when I thought about it later, I found that that point no longer applied to yesterday.

There is one huge difference in my life, one that has been there since July 31, 2004: my son. And every day he grows up a little bit more, learns a little bit more, and - heh - gets a little bit more of an attitude. Yesterday he was desperately wanting to play with his balloons from his birthday party a few Saturdays ago. I stood him up (he can stand for brief periods, that is until he realizes he's not holding onto anything, then he sits back down promptly) and held the balloons away from him. He almost took a step towards them, almost walked. Later I made spaghetti. I hadn't made that in years. I watched a special on my local PBS station on St. Louis war hero Butch O'Hare (the namesake of Chicago's O'Hare Airport). I plan on making a node about him. And when we were eating the spaghetti, we fed some to Ryan and for the very first time he used a utensil to eat with. Granted, most of the time he missed his mouth, but he finally seemed to understand the concept. And it was the second night of me working on a new novel I've started, one I am excited about, one I think actually could have a shot at getting published if it is well-executed, unlike most of my others. /msg me if you're curious as to what it's about.

And then yesterday was capped off by this pretty cool dream I had last night.

So, my main point: yesterday wasn't so ho-hum after all. Maybe it is the little details that can make each day different and rut-deficient.