Well, it's almost May, and you know what that means, folks! It’s almost summertime!

If you're considering a family vacation this summer, something that can be relaxing, rewarding, and even educational, consider the Moon City. That's right, take your family on a trip to the exotic and fantastic Moon City! You can't get away much farther than that!

While most families are going down to Florida to bask in the sun, or going to Colorado to ski in the mountains, or even trekking over to California to get a glimpse of celebrities, you can take your spouse and children on one of the coolest, out of this world vacations around! And it doesn't cost as much as you'd think, either. Frugal vacation-seekers can find the best travel deals on the internet these days on websites like expedia.com.

Your vacation to that grand, glass-bubbled city on the moon begins with a trip down to Florida, but not to work on your tan at the beach! No, no! You and your family will be taking off on a rocket with other adventurous folks at Cape Canaveral, Florida! Bring something to read, because it's a loooong trip! But it is well worth it! In about forty-eight hours you could be docking 384,400 kilometers from your home planet on a city encased entirely in protective glass bubbles. The view will be breathtaking and absolutely astonishing!. You and your kiddies will marvel at the sight of the big, blue Earth up on the horizon and a crystal-clear view of the starry sky, as on the moon there's no pesky atmosphere to interfere with the view!

What is there to do in Moon City, you ask? Why, anything you could do at any vacation destination on Earth, and more! There's excellent restaurants of all ethnic and cultural varieties, plenty of shopping at the Lunar Mall, and great live music at the Blue Moon Night Club and Bar! Why, you can even...

What? Whaddya mean there's no..? Not even a..? But... They don't even have that yet?

You're kidding me! Really? But I thought...so no Moon City? Really?

So, anyway...I hear France is lovely this time of year..!