Ok, here's the thing, please don't fucking do this.

"Media" is a cool sounding word. It is tempting to use it as often as possible.


Remember that "media" is a plural. If you want the singular, see "medium." The proverbial entity "the media" is not one thing, it is many things.

Not one. More than one. Many.

Please remember to conjugate accordingly. Otherwise you will face the wrath of the millions of otherwise well adjusted grammatically aware people who keep a baseball bat under their beds in the secret hope that one day, someone will say "the media is" on national television one too many times and the hundredth monkey phenomenon will kick in and these people, millions of them, will spontaneously and simultaneously press out into the streets, smashing televisions through shop windows shouting "PLURAL!!! PLURAL!!!"

So, to avoid unncessary rioting, note these examples:

"The media are going to destroy you." is correct.

While "The media is going to destroy you" is incorrect. It is more than incorrect. It is offensive.

Remember: We are legion.